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Milliken & Company was founded in 1865, known as the world’s largest privately held chemicals and textile company, headquartered in Spartanburg, SC, USA. Milliken has been recognized for its technological excellence and innovation with the receipt of “R&D100 Awards” in 5 consecutive years, 5000+ patents worldwide, and creating more than 19,000 products in floor-covering, high performance materials and specialty chemicals industries. Our plastics additives, mainly polyolefin nucleators and clarifiers are widely used in thermal forming industry for clarity and physical performance improvement on PP sheets and forming parts. Milliken has been leading the innovation and development in polyolefin nucleators and clarifiers since 1970s. As an additive company, Milliken not only sell chemicals, but also dedicated to create values for the whole industry value chain, and service the industry upgrading. By closely working with packaging brand owners, thermal forming molders, machine makers and resin producers, Milliken helps downstream molders to solve material selection, formulations and processing issues, and also assists global PP resin producers to develop diversified resins for different market segmentations and processing methods. With innovation and application development centers in America, Brazil, Singapore and China Shanghai, we are able to provides technical service to our customers globally.







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