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For over 60 years, Kiefel has been a world market leader in design and manufacture of plastic processing machines and tools.


Our pioneering spirit and creativity are second to none on the market. We are our customers' partner for every task, accompanying them from product development to mass production. 


Prestigious manufacturers in the automotive, medical technology, refrigerator and packaging industry rely on Kiefel as their technology partner.


Our customers get reliable solutions that ensure success in the market: from a single source.


We are committed to our customers and provide absolute peace of mind into the future.


Kiefel GmbH is part of the Brückner group, based in Siegsdorf, which is a global leader in supplying machines and systems for plastics processing.




For China being our most important and most successful market, Brueckner founded its first own legal entity in this country already in 2004. In 2012, the company moved into its brand new headquarters located in China’s no.1 industrial development area SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou). The vibrant 11 million people high-tech metropolis is the right location to support the China business activities of all Brueckner lead divisions with high level sales, service, procurement and production. 



The Brueckner Group China Co., Ltd. with its 150 employees offers extended service, better spare parts sales, optimized quality assurance and a meeting point for all customers of the Brückner Group in China.

Replying on our mother group, Bruecner’s platform-Brueckner Group China Co., ltd, Kiefel has establised a localization team since 2008, persistenly carrying on machine selling and provide after sales service. 



We are specialists for plastics processing systems:

【 Automotive 】KIEFEL Machines and Tools

Vacuum laminating

Vacuum forming

In-mould-Graining IMG and IMG L



Riveting, ASC-technology and Ultrasonic

High-frequency welding

Slush moulding







【 Packaging 】KIEFEL Machines and Tools







【 Appliance 】KIEFEL Machines and Tools


l冰箱内胆Refrigerator inner liners

l冰箱门衬Refrigerator door liners

l外壳组件Housing components


l工业用插件Inserts for industrial use

l箱体组件Casing components




【 Medical 】KIEFEL Machines and Tools


Infusion-bag machines Thermo-contact (TC)

Catheter assembly machines

Infusion-bag machines Radio frequency (RF)

Urine-bag machines

Filling machines

Customized machines

Blood-bag machines

KST Shuttle Table KST

Blood-filter machines

Radio-frequency generators

Ostomy-bag machines



Contact us联系我们

Brueckner Group China Co., LTd


中国江苏省苏州工业园区杏林街95号, 215027

Tel: +86 512 62555300/62555261








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