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天津市恒瑞塑胶机械有限公司Tianjin HENGRUI Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.


Tianjin HENGRUI Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.






Brief Introducton

     Tianjin HENGRUI Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in 1994. It is a private stock enterprise, locates in Beichen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Tianjin and covers an area of 14,000 square meters.


    At the beginning, HENGRUI processed sheet lines, pipe lines and series of crushers. From 1996, it stopped making pipelines or series crushers, then engaged in processing various plastic sheet lines, which purpose is to concentrate on plastic sheetlines. Since 1994, HENGRUI focus on research and manufacture of middle-high plastic extrusion machinery, and has been ahead of Chinese market. The related manufacturng parts, match kits and electrical control have been used for many years, which will guarantee HENGRUI MACHINES much more steadily, reliably, and with longer service life. The success ratio of HENGRUI machines could be 90%. Even if continuous operation, low fault. 30%-40% exported to Taiwan, Japan, Sweden, UK, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia.


    50% employees have been working in HENGRUI more than 10 years. They are full of experience and responsible. And they are the foundation of fine work and good quality. Credibility and integrity are our principles.



HENGRUI Main products:

PC Optical extrusion sheet line;

APET/PETG transparent sheet line[single-screw; twin-screw];

multi-layer co-extrusion barrier sheet line[Polyolefin, such as PE/PP/PS/ABS etc.] ;

five-layer cast film line;

PVC Floor Sheet/PVC Geo membrane machine;

full-automatic film winder;

high precision cutter and etc.


The first barrier plastic sheet line, in Chinese Market, is processed successfully by HENGRUI in 2001. So far, almost 17 years experience.





The line in the photo, the latest barrier sheet machine, delivered to the customer in 2017. To produce PP/PS high barrier sheet; recycled materials possible; 6 extruders to realize  max. 9-layer coextrusuion; the feed block with special design, to assure no EVOH/ADH in the edge materials; width: 800mm; sheet thickness: 1-3.5mm; the max. capacity: 1300kg/hr.; PLC control; Online with German ILLIG thermoforming machine.


The end products are mainly used in food, medicine and cosmetic packaging. Not only to separate effectively oxygen in the air, but also prevent the giving off of the smell itself, to achieve a long-term quality and fresh assurance.



PP/PS barrier extrusion sheet line





PP/PS多层共挤片板材生产线PP/PS Multi-layer Coextrusion Sheet Line

PET塑料片材挤出生产线PET plastic sheet extrusion line


光学片材生产线Optical Sheet Extrusion Line



ADD: 300409,No.5 Jingming Rd., Beichen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Tianjin, PR China

Tel: +86 22 26976732 Fax: +86 22 26976736 Website:





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